Journalism – telling powerful stories to influence readers

writingWhat is journalism?

A well-told story can exert a powerful influence.

Use journalism to tell your stories so they grip readers and lead them to take action.

At Zarywacz, we write stories in the form of newspaper and magazine articles and edit complete publications, both for public or internal audiences.

Often, business owners and managers can’t see their own powerful story, because they are inside it.

Our role as journalists is to apply our natural curiosity to ask questions, interview subjects, research topics and combine all the answers together in compelling stories to achieve your business objectives.

writingHow can journalism help your business?

Whoever your audience is – customers, suppliers, employees – regular communications encourage them to read your stories.

Unlike the split-second exposure of a social media post, article-based stories retain your readers’ attention for longer.

This is especially useful for products and services not instantly recognisable and needing explanation. For example, everyone can recognise a fashionable pair of shoes, but how many can identify a specialist machinery component or understand what it does?

An article can explain items such as components, explaining their purpose, how you developed them and why they are essential.

By explaining what it does and how it can help them, articles can help persuade readers that they need your product or service.

writingUsing journalism in business

Journalism is valuable for providing regular communication with and informing your audience to establish long-standing relationships.

Instead of writing only about your own business, journalism enables you to explore issues, interview interesting people and talk about your industry or sector.

It also enables you to run campaigns, such as a series of regular articles on a topic to raise awareness or build interest in a product or service.

Journalism offers an alternative to hard sell, which can alienate potential high-value customers.

writingHow does journalism work?

We write articles for and edit publications, providing a complete journalism service:

  • conduct and write up interviews
  • create and manage campaigns
  • plan series of publications
  • plan, write, design and print magazines and newsletters
  • research articles and white papers

To discuss how journalism can help your business, call our copywriters on  0333 0444 354 or email hello@z2z.com.






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