Editing – polishing copy for professional results

writingWhen good writing is made even better

Editing is an invaluable but often overlooked part of the writing process. It’s why even the most accomplished and succesful authors work with an editor to polish the final product.

In businesss, there are many reasons for using an editor or proofreader:

  • add clarity, especially for complex topics
  • rearrange word, sentence or paragraph order, to add emphasis or maximise impact
  • shorten an article to a specific length
  • create a specific and consistent tone of voice
  • ensure correct grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • use an independent pair of eyes to check meaning and sense

Whether you require major rewriting or final checking, we provide the editing and proofreading expertise and experience to achieve high-quality text.

writingAssess the editing/proofreading you need

The first step is to send us a sample of your written material so we can assess it and provide feedback. Additional information – such as a style guide or examples of your organisation’s written material that you wish us to emulate – will also be helpful at this stage.

With a creative process such as writing, we appreciate that constructive criticism can be difficult to accept – we’re all human, with human sensitivities. At Zarywcaz, our focus is always on the reader and the clarity of the message. And if a passage of text works fine as it is, we will leave well alone. The skill of a good editor is to fix only what needs to be fixed.

Once we have established the nature and scale of the editing/ proofreading work required, we will advise precisely what we will do, give you the total cost up front and agree timescales with you before starting.

To discuss how we can provide that extra polish to your existing text, call our copywriters on  0333 0444 354 or email hello@z2z.com.






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