Print – the medium with physical attraction

writingWhat value does print give you?

Print and online communications each have specific advantages and complement each other well.

Printed material is tangible and exists in the real world. There is something to hold and touch – an overlooked and powerful sensory experience – which can increase the attention the reader gives to what they are reading.

Print also provides permanence, as readers can keep hold of a magazine for as long as they want. It is free of the stress of digital communications, which demand you read a post immediately or you’ll miss it.

And with the availability of sustainably produced paper and inks, print can be environmentally friendly, not requiring energy to store it online indefinitely.

writingIs copywriting for print different?

Every form of writing has individual characteristics, whatever the format or medium. Copywriting for print can vary from short newsflashes to long articles of thousands of words. Some material, including articles, can be suitable for both print and online publications.

First, it is important to confirm that print is the right medium for the message you want to communicate. Who are your readers? Do they read print? How will your publication reach them?

Next, we determine what format will work best for your purpose, eg:

  • case studies
  • interviews
  • leaflets or brochures
  • long or short articles
  • opinion pieces
  • white papers

writingExploit the freedom of print

Print offers total freedom in how to present your messages and we consider paper size and shape, typography and choice of imagery when copywriting for you.

As well as the range of popular international (A3, A4, A5 etc) paper sizes, paper can be cut to any size you want – unlike digital communications which are constrained by fixed desktop or mobile screen sizes and shapes.

Typography is also unrestrained in print. The limitations caused by the difficulty of reading some typefaces on screen do not apply to the printed page.

These freedoms unleash the imagination when writing and designing for print and we take full advantage of them.

writingExperience in copywriting for print

At Zarywacz, we have years of expertise and experience of copywriting for print, especially newspapers and magazines, and currently publish a quarterly business magazine.

Key elements to consider are:

  • effective introductory paragraphs
  • eye-catching headlines
  • interviews with customers and obtaining quotes
  • persuasive calls to action

We can also advise on:

  • accompanying imagery and photos
  • frequency of publication
  • optimum length of article

To see your business messages in print, call our copywriters on 0333 0444 354 or email hello@z2z.com.






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