Pulling all the pieces into a seamless article

Today I was asked what value we provide as copywriters. After all, everyone writes these days: blogs, press releases, social media updates. Well, not everyone.

We often meet people who say “I’ve been meaning to write a press release, but I don’t know where to start.”

It reminded me that when we’re writing articles or press releases and a client or interviewee does not have the time to be interviewed, we ask them for any material they have: notes, presentations, emails, web pages. From these we often pull together an article and the client wonders how we did it.

We don’t know either, but that’s our purpose.

Copywriter pulls all the pieces together

If a quote from a client is needed, we call or email them and ask them the right questions to produce a suitable quote.

If facts or details are needed, we research them or contact the best source to get hold of them.

We pull all this together and, using the experience of writing thousands of articles, blend it into a seamless piece of text so that the client is pleased to have an article or press release that does just what they want and in a fraction of the time it would take them to write it.

That’s the value of our copywriting.

• By Robert Zarywacz | partner in Zarywacz | copywriter at copywritingresources.co.uk | Please call us on 0333 0444 354 or email   to ask us to write for you.

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