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We understand your business

Even though we’ve interviewed and written about thousands of companies,
we work hard to understand what makes your business unique

We understand your business -

You probably know what you want to tell your customers, but do you hesitate because you’re not sure how to say it? Or perhaps you’re sending out emails, letters or press releases and think your messages could be improved?

The challenge for many business owners and executives is finding a copywriter who can understand their businesses and objectives as well as they do themselves. After all, if you’ve got to rewrite what a copywriter has written for you, there doesn’t seem much point in employing them.

Enthusiasm is essential

How do you know if a copywriter is able to understand your business?

Enthusiasm is a key requirement, both in the subject and the writer.

Over the past weeks, assignments have taken me round a UK manufacturing plant producing $500 million in hi-tech, high quality industrial products every year as well as round a manufacturer producing high quality construction components. It’s a thrill to see real things being made, especially where the people in these businesses are clearly committed to what they’re doing, and I find this enthusiasm rubs off on me so that I can’t wait to start writing about them.

But size isn’t everything and the achievements of small businesses and sole traders can be equally or more impressive, especially when they succeed where larger businesses have failed.

We need to understand

Whether writing a newspaper or magazine article or directly for a client company, it’s our mission to translate this enthusiasm into copy that puts across what a business is doing and attracts people to read their stories. When writing a press release, we have to understand clearly what a business wants it to achieve.

We get to know the specific character and qualities of your business and the people who run it in order to write material that expresses all of this.

We ask questions, we listen to your answers and then we think about them so that we can understand you fully and support you.

• by Robert Zarywacz

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